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   Feb 10


For more than twenty years, Beth Wagner has been providing Educational Encounters with Exotic Animals for Birthday Parties, Schools, Libraries, Festivals and many more special events. Not only is the Scales & Tales facility federally, state and city licensed and insured but it is also a refuge for a variety of unusual and unwanted pets.

Each Scales & Tales Educational performance is geared to the audience age level. And, everyone is encouraged to touch, pet and ask questions about any of their tame, handleable animals. Their techniques blend warmth and wisdom, drawing on personal knowledge and experience. This creates a fascinating show, tailored to suit a wide range of needs including specific studies in the environment, endangered species, predator-prey relationships and animal care and compassion.

Beth Wagner and Emilia Marchan, both professional trainers and animal handlers, closely supervise each animal encounter and maintain an atmosphere of excitement with vivid tales of life in the animal’s natural surroundings. Whether the audience is feeding a pig that eats like a vacuum, putting a marsupial in their pocket, or racing turtles around the circle, everyone is sure to learn something new about the animals they bring to meet you.

During the show, Beth discusses the proper place for wild animals — not in our homes, not in pet shops, no, not even in zoos– but in their natural habitat. Animals belong not just in a mythical place in the South American Rain Forest, but also in our own backyards! Nearly all of the forty animals housed and cared for at Scales & Tales, are unwanted pets.

During the one hour show, they stress the importance of gaining knowledge from libraries and books, and how we all can learn the truth about animals. For example, tarantulas are very delicate (so be careful when you are shaking Charlotte’s hand) and NO! they don’t have teeth or poison! Snakes are ticklish just like you and I (so we’ll need ten people to hold our big Burmese Python) and NO! they are not slimy and don’t eat people (except in one place — the movies!)With a little correct information, we can stop being afraid of animals and understand their important roles in our everyday life. Through knowledge, we can fight habitat destruction, poaching, pollution and prejudice!
Scales & Tales is a USDA licensed and insured facility, inspected to maintain the same quality standards as any other zoo. Again, these animals are not taken from the wild but, are rescued unwanted pets.

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