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Animal List

   Feb 10

Animal List

Choose 8 animals for your show!

  • Thumper the Whisker Kissing Bunny
  • Baby Chicken McNuggets
  • The Original Racing Ninja Turtles
  • Elliot The Giant Sulcatta Tortoise
  • Lambchop the Baby Lamb
  • Prince the Sticky White’s Tree Frog
  • Baby and Feather Boa
  • Snow White the Hedgehog
  • Fink The Dancing Ferret
  • Chinchillas that You Can Wear
  • Squealer the Pot Belly Pig
  • Buo the Barn Owl
  • Big Bird the Blue & Gold Macaw
  • Alphonzo the Bearded Dragon
  • Xena the Two Toed Sloth
  • Julius Squeezer the Burmese python
  • Scruffy the Long Haired Chihuahua
  • Charlotte the Tarantula
  • An Educational Encounter with Exotic Animals

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